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Lead Staff


Ari Howard
Proprietress Extraordinaire 


Ketil Larsen
Executive Chef


Positioned in the heart of the city, our building was originally built to store and maintenance the streetcars that once traveled Tejon Street. Colorado Springs Rapid Transit Railway operated them from 1902 to 1932, when they were eventually decommissioned and replaced with busses. Owner/operator, Ari Howard, put together an extensive collection of old vintage photographs and rail maps. Her vision was to utilize the buildings roots and original purpose as a core component of the concept and brand of Streetcar520.

Dining at Streetcar520 is a way to experience food from all over the world and share it with friends. Chef Ketil Larsen created a menu that is diverse and imaginative. Built around small plates and street food, it is designed to bring an element of unity to groups of diners by promoting the cross sharing of dishes. Changing seasonally, it maintains a fresh and energized appeal that inspires the senses and leaves our guests craving more.

Streetcar520 indulges the curious, inspires the conversationalist and welcomes the wanderers. It is a place where hugs are preferred to handshakes; meals are prepared to bring people together and the service delights. 

If this sounds like a place you wish to be... Take the ride. Streetcar520.